18-19 Membership Information

Welcome to the Apopka Bands Family! Below you will find documents and information to help guide you through the membership process of joining the Blue Darter Band Program! We are glad you are here! Please let us know how we can assist your navigation through the upcoming transition into what we know as the experience of a lifetime…. being a member of the Blue Darter Band! IEGYB!

Membership Docs

Upcoming Dates

  • 5.24.18 Fall 2018 KICK OFF Party! 6 PM – 7:30 PM 
  • 5.29.18 Incoming Member Orientation Meeting 7 PM
  • 7.17.18 Summer Fun Rehearsal #1 6 PM – 8 PM
  • 7.19.18 Summer Fun Rehearsal #2 6 PM – 8 PM
  • 7.23.18-7.27.17 Band Camp Week #1 (See 18-19 Intent To March Form For Detailed Schedule)
  • 7.30.17-8.3.17 Band Camp Week #2
  • 8.3.17 Fall 2017 BDMB Premier Show! 
  • 8.13.17 First Day of School!


Visit our Communications page to learn more about how to connect with our program! Look for information regarding:

  • Charms! Our program information management suite! 
  • Email Addresses for our Directors!
  • Remind Text Messaging System! Sign Up Today! 


Visit our Calendar page to learn more about how to plan ahead for program events! Look for information regarding:

  • Google Calendar!