Weekly Update: May 18th – 22nd ~ It’s Masquerade Time!

This Week

  • Monday: Student Leadership Clinic #1 – 2:30 – 3:30 PM (See below for details)
  • Tuesday: Student Leadership Clinic #2 – 2:30 – 3:30 PM
  • Wednesday: Student Leadership Auditions/Interviews
    • An Appointment/Sign Up Sheet will be posted on Monday afternoon
  • Thursday: After-School Jazz Rehearsal 2:20 PM – 3:00 PM
  • Thursday: JAZZ UNDER THE STARS PERFORMANCE (See below for details)
  • Friday: Band Banquet (See below for details)
    • “Student Crew” Sign Up posted on Monday – the set up team is in need of several students to assist with the set up of our event on Friday. Please sign up to help get this thing looking beautiful!

Looking Ahead

  • Thursday, May 28th: Graduation (Morning)
  • Friday, May 29th: Spring Football Game
  • June 2nd: New Member Parent Meeting – FOR ALL NEW MEMBERS & THEIR PARENTS!
  • June 3rd: ’15-’16 KICKOFF PARTY! 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
  • June 9th & June 16th: Summer Rehearsals 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Band Banquet Information

masquerade ball

It’s finally here! Our Spring Band Banquet! Here are some things to keep in mind to ensure the evening is spectacular….

  • Students should dress appropriately for a semi-formal event; i.e. ladies in a dress and gentlemen in a dress shirt, hopefully w/ tie, suit, etc.
  • Ticketed vs. Non-Ticketed Attendees
    • Those who HAVE PURCHASED TICKETS for dinner should arrive at 6:30 PM to eat.
    • Those who HAVE NOT PURCHASED TICKETS should arrive at 7:30 PM for the awards portion of the event.
    • All are welcomed to join the fun at the end which may include seeing Mr. Parris do “The Worm”. He has been working hard and is prepared to wow the masses with his mad skills.
    • If you have any other questions, please see Mr. L this week. Please be mindful of the above bulleted points as they will help us ensure there is enough seating for those who are eating. Thank you.
  • MASKS – It is a MASQUERADE BALL! You can make your own or purchase one to wear. If you feel your mask “might” be inappropriate you probably should find another mask. If you have a question about it, bring it to Mr. L for approval. YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO WEAR ANYTHING THAT WILL BE OFFENSIVE TO THE EVENT. You can visit U.S. Toy (behind Dairy Queen) OR the Dollar Store as they have some masks for purchase….. But…. BE CREATIVE! MAKE YOUR OWN!
  • Banquet Happenings…..
    • Awards
    • Year In Review DVD – Will be shown!
    • Announcement of Fall 2015 Show Theme!
    • And…. There might be some dancing! (Complete w/ Mr. Parris doing “The Worm”!

Jazz Under The Stars

jazz under the stars

Thursday Night! 7:30 PM Downbeat! Here are a couple of things for you to make the night better……

  • Park in the STUDENT LOT close to the stadium
  • Enter via the Courtyard Bay Door that the Marching Band marches through for football games. (Event will be on that end of courtyard – It’s “Under The Stars!)
  • There is a Wolf Lake Middle School Choral Concert that evening in our auditorium that begins at 7 PM. Parking on that side of campus will be at a minimum.
  • BRING A LAWN CHAIR! This concert will feature  our After-School Jazz Ensemble, Jazz Combo, and our 7th Period Jazz Ensemble.
    • Feel free to bring some refreshments for yourself as well…..
    • And as always – IF THE MUSIC MOVES YOU – GET UP AND DANCE!

Student Leadership Info


  • Monday/Tuesday are CLINICS and PREPARATION opportunities for Wednesday’s Interviews/Auditions
    • Topics include our philosophy/outlook for 2015-2016
    • Teaching tips, organization tips, question/answer time, conducting help,
  • Drum Major candidates will sign up for the CONDUCTING BLOCK and an Interview slot on Wednesday.
    • Conducting Tips:
      • Use the two clips below to work on a basic 2/4 and 4/4 pattern.
      • Seek out help from 2014-2015 Drum Majors to assist in the process.
      • Work on a basic “cuing” system for the recording of “Vehicle”.
      • Work on a basic individual Drum Major salute.
      • Most importantly….. HAVE FUN and BE EFFECTIVE!
    • Conducting Clips:

Drum Major

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