Student Leadership Candidates


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Student Leadership Application Guidelines

Welcome to the FIRST STEP in the journey towards leadership within the Blue Darter Band! We are excited that you have chosen to take this important challenge and put yourself in a position to positively impact the lives of others!

At it’s core, leadership’s heart is rooted in Service. Service to our program, our members, our community, and, one another. We bring a team together, work diligently to form a bond, and then turn you loose to serve the needs of our program. With a centralized focus on service, we are now able to be reliant upon our peers and colleagues to consistently do what is expected, and above, to ensure our mission accomplishment. This teamwork is the very foundation and genesis of any great organization. If you feel that you posses what it takes to be part of such a team, read on, and, through preparation, submit your application to be part of an incredible opportunity to serve our program.

Below, you will find 1) a timeline of the upcoming events, including due dates, 2) the candidate application completed via google form, 3) candidate project details, 4) the link to be shared with your teachers for references, and finally, 5) the Student-Parent Leadership Contract.

We wish you the very best in your quest towards becoming a better leader and empowering others to continually give their best! IEGYB!


  • Monday, April 16th: Application Materials Posted 3 PM
    • Application Form
    • Teacher Recommendation Form (Google Form) 
    • Project Guidelines
    • Student/Parent Acknowledgement  
  • Monday, April 23rd: Initial Leadership Candidate Meeting 2:15 PM – 2:45 PM
  • Wednesday, April 25th: Conducting Workshop 1:15 PM – 2 PM
  • Monday, April 30th, Leadership Candidate Meeting #2 2:15 PM – 2:45 PM
  • Friday, May 11th, Applications, Projects, Student/Parent Acknowledgment, Teacher Recommendations DUE (11:59 PM EST)
  • Tuesday, May 15th: Interviews (Those who need to be interviewed will be contacted to sign up.) 
  • Friday, May 18th, Fall 2018 BDMB Leadership Team Posted via
  • Camp #1: May 31st//June 1st: 18-19 Leadership Camp (Mandatory for all selected members ~ Thursday Afternoon-Evening/All Day Friday) w/ Mr. Wansley
    • Includes annual Band Room Clean Up & Saturday Rehearsal Preparation (6.2.18)
  • UPDATED: Camp #2: July 16th – 17th (Mandatory for all selected members ~ Monday/Tuesday – Times TBA – Leading into Summer Fun Rehearsal #1)
    • Specific details will be defined prior to school ending.
  • Summer Fun Rehearsal #1: Tuesday, July 17th 6 PM – 8 PM
  • Summer Fun Rehearsal #2: Thursday, July 19th 6 PM – 8 PM

Application Link

  • Click HERE for the 18-19 Student Leadership Application. (Must be signed in to OCPS Student Account to complete.)


As part of your application process, this project will serve not only as a resume’ of your work, but also showcase your unique skills in leadership as well as your passion for our program and its success. The following items are not a numerically ordered list of items, however, they should all be included in some form, along with other information you feel is pertinent, to best showcase your skills and ability to be part of the leadership team.

Each project must be submitted as a Google Slide presentation. They should be shared with both myself (, and Mr. Ellis. ( These projects, along with your other materials, are due by Friday, May 11th, 11:59 PM EST. Within the presentation you may upload videos, tell stories, use graphics, or any other means that can be added to a Google Slides presentation to best tell your story. Unique is always better. Again, it is important to note that the below information should be included along with any other pertinent information you feel is necessary.

  • Your name, 18-19 Grade, Instrument(s)
  • Why do you wish to become a student leader within our program?
  • What you have contributed to the band program?
  • Were you a member of the 2016-2017 Leadership Team? If so, describe in detail your contribution to the team and to our program.
  • Something cool about your life or yourself (showing us is better!)
  • What areas do you feel you are best suited to serve?
    • Senior Leadership Role (Drum Major/Colonel)
    • Teaching Leadership (Section Leader)
    • Service Leadership (Admin, Logistics, Etc.)
  • Note: If you feel you are best suited for Drum Major, or teaching leadership, use this forum to showcase your skills through an embedded video showcasing your abilities. For conductors, use one of the following selections:
  • Note: For those that feel they are best suited to teach, provide a clip of you teaching a small group a music-based performance topic.(Topic is your choice, however, there should be some evidence of a plan, sequencing, etc.)
    • Teach a small group lesson that is based on a musical or marching topic.
    • You may also teach a small group lesson on a topic outside of music as a supplement.

This project will serve as a representation of you. Put forth your best effort to allow the faculty to see the skills that you will bring to the table to lead our program. It is always recommended to have others proof your work to ensure the best product is being shared with the Directors. #iegyb!

Teacher Recommendation Link

  • Email this link to the teachers that you would like to fill this out on your behalf. (Mr. Langford and Mr. Ellis are not eligible.)
    • Send the following link to your teachers for recommendations.
    • Teacher recommendations are due by Friday, May 12th.
    • Link:
      • Copy and paste this link.
      • Email it to your teachers for completion.
      • Email content should be professional and acknowledge your need for a recommendation. Aside from that, thank them for their time and let them know when the deadline is for this recommendation.

Student/Parent Acknowledgement

ALL MATERIALS ARE DUE BY FRIDAY, MAY 11th at 11:59 PM EST. All files to be considered must be EMAILED to Mr. Langford at AND Mr. Ellis at Those who do not get their items in on time will not be considered for 18-19 Student Leadership. 

You may email or stop by to see Mr. Langford or Mr. Ellis at any time during this process. Remember, this is your project. Allow it to be a true reflection of who you are and how you best fit into our leadership team.