Weekly Update: September 26th – September 30th ~ NEW CARPET COMING THIS WEEK!

This Week

  • For Color Guard Weekly Schedule visit http://www.apopkaguard.com
  • Monday
    • 2:15 PM – 2:45 PM Full Leadership Meeting
    • 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM AHS Open House (Band courses meet in AUDITORIUM) 
  • Tuesday
    • 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM Full BDMB Rehearsal
    • (During BDMB Rehearsal) Band Room Set Up (Pending carpet completion)
      • Parents come out and help us move the room back in!
  • Wednesday
    • 1:20 PM – 2:30 PM Clarinet Sectional (Guitar Room)
    • After School – Complete setting the room back up!
  • Thursday
    • 3:00 PM – 5:30 PM Full BDMB Rehearsal
  • Friday FB @ West Orange 
    • 6:55 AM Pep Rally! 
    • 5:15 PM Call Time for West Orange
    • 5:45 PM Departure
    • 10:30 PM Anticipated return to AHS.
      • Be sure to sign up for REMIND101 Texts to ensure you have the most up to date information regarding the BDMB travel plans. Click HERE for the Remind101 instructions.

Mattress Fundraiser!

Thank you to Mr. Spiegel for coming in this week to kick off our brand new mattress fundraiser! Students should have been asking/collecting names for those “who may be interested” in purchasing a mattress in the coming months. Parents, you can help too! For every card (6 names) that is turned in, the student received credit for a drawing of a Wawa or Chipotle Gift Card. Furniture Distributors of Florida, our partner company, will use this contact information to reach out on behalf of our band and earn business that will net our program a portion of the profits for each sale. The student that is listed for the sale will get the credit applied to their account.

At current, the FIRST 50 to turn in a completed form receive a Buy 1/Get 1 card to Chipotle just for getting it done! We have plenty of forms – be sure to have your student request extra forms if you would like to send in more names!



Thank you to EVERYONE who made our trip to University a tremendous success! We had a great Game Day with the band! Students, parents, fans, supporters, et al, THANK YOU for an awesome day!

Game Day Pep Rally Excitement! #beatthecougars

Game Day Pep Rally Excitement! #beatthecougars

54-3! Darters Win! Darters Win! Darters Win!

54-3! Darters Win! Darters Win! Darters Win!


To all who came out and helped SPRUCE UP our room! WOW! Check out the pictures below as we are now READY FOR NEW CARPET! The turn out was incredible with many students and parents lacing up their shoes to roll a paint roller, push a dolley, clean the blinds and sound tiles, hang guitars, organize the auditorium for classes, and much, much, more. We are unbelievably grateful for all you have done for our program and continue to do on a daily basis. IEGYB was in full effect on Saturday as our room was turned upside down and prepped for a transformation. The job is not quite complete as we will need to put everything back in on Tuesday evening and Wednesday…. But….. We are halfway there!

The Beginning...

The Beginning…

The Middle...

The Middle…

More of the Middle...

More of the Middle…

Break time FUN!... Saying goodbye to the carpet!

Break time FUN!… Saying goodbye to the carpet!



Wow Mr. Ellis! Room looks GREAT!

Wow Mr. Ellis! Room looks GREAT!

Washington DC Trip Postponed ONE WEEK! 


We have postponed our trip meeting until NEXT MONDAY, OCTOBER 3rd due to the upcoming Open House and our current state of construction. Please mark your calendars accordingly! See you NEXT MONDAY! 7:00 PM! In the NEWLY CARPETED BAND ROOM!!!!!!!

Homecoming Link! 

Calling all former members! We are delighted to start our first annual ALUMNI BAND in conjunction with Homecoming and welcome each of you to join us for our festivities on October 7th! For the evening, we would like our alumni to join us in the Courtyard for a Pre-Game warm up and rehearsal as well as perform at Pre-Game with us. We will perform the Temptation’s Classic “Get Ready” for this event. Once you have submitted your Google Form via the link below, a link will appear that will take you to pdf’s of the music to download. We hope you will connect with all of your former bandmates and get them to join us as well!

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide any instruments for this event and encourage you to inquire with family and friends to try and secure an instrument for the event. This includes percussion and low brass instruments.

For the evening we ask that you wear a Blue Darter T-Shirt and jeans! Our Blue Darter Marching Band will perform at the conclusion of the game along with the Olympia Titan Marching Band as the Homecoming Court will take up the duration of the halftime allotment.

For this year, there is not cost for the participant as you will march in with the band, however, all family and friends that accompany you will need to purchase a ticket at the booth of Roger Williams field.

We are delighted to begin this event and watch it grow each and every year. Your membership within the BDMB is part of what has made it what it has become today. We encourage all members, both young and young at heart, to join us for this wonderful event. Looking forward to seeing and meeting you all for this unique opportunity to show our current membership the memories that have been created as a result of this great band!

Be sure to check out http://www.apopkabands.com for updates as we get closer to the event!


Mr. Langford


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