Weekly Update: December 5th – December 10th ~ APK Christmas Parade Week!

This Week

  • Color Guard Schedule: http://www.apopkaguard.com
  • Monday
    • No events scheduled
  • Tuesday
    • No events scheduled
  • Wednesday
    • Time TBA (Afternoon) WLMS Paws Concert Helpers
  • Thursday
    • 2:15 PM – 2:45 PM Leadership Follow Up Session: SERVICE TEAM
      • Admin, PR, Tech, Logistics
    • 5:45 PM WLMS Paws Concert Helpers
      • See Mr. L to sign up. Open to any students who desire to assist. Volunteer hours will be granted.
    • 6:30 PM Basketball Pep Band
  • Friday
    • S&E SIGN UP DUE (via Google Form) 
      • Plus payment. ($6 per person, per event.) 
    • 2:15 PM – 2:45 PM Leadership Follow Up Session: SECTION LEADERS
  • Saturday
    • APK Christmas Parade (Mandatory Performance) 
      • Call Time/Get Dressed 8:30 AM
      • Sectionals 9:00 AM
      • Full Rehearsal 9:20 AM
      • Step Off 10:00 AM
      • Pick Up (Maters & Taters) 11:00 AM

Looking Ahead 

  • 12.13.16 Basketball Pep Band (Time TBA)
  • 12.13-12.16 Semester Exams (See Schedule Below)

Thank You! 

To ALL who helped make our first-ever Winter Prism a success!

  • Mrs. Janice & Mrs. Brenda for MAKING US LOOK SHARP IN OUR NEW UNI’s!
  • The TICKET CREW for helping us with that new venture!
  • The staff of the APK Band!
  • The students for giving of your time to rehearse and prepare for this event!
  • The audience for coming out and being great recipients of our performances!

Looking forward to an awesome Spring Prism experience the first weekend of May 2017! See you there!

Financial Updates

  • Trip Payment #2 should have already been submitted either via School Pay (See above – right for link) OR via check/cash to Mr. Langford.
  • Calendar Update: Any calendars that HAVE NOT yet been turned in have been added to your account as $10 monies owed. All funds should be turned in IMMEDIATELY.
  • Prism Ticket Monies: Any tickets that were used but not paid for will be added to the student’s account in charms. Please turn in ALL FUNDS immediately for these sales.

Paws Concert 

The annual WLMS Paws Concert is a two day opportunity for our program to support the performing arts at Wolf Lake through logistics assistance and help. Please see Mr. Langford if you are able to assist on either one or both nights. Volunteer hours will be available for this experience.

Semester Exam Schedule 

  • Tuesday: Periods 2 & 7
  • Wednesday: Period 3
  • Thursday: Periods 1 & 6
  • Friday: Periods 4 & 5

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