Weekly Update: March 27th – April 1st ~ President’s Cup Week!

This Week

  • Color Guard Schedule: http://www.apopkaguard.com
  • Monday
  • Tuesday
    • 6:30 AM – BRING LUGGAGE FOR TRIP/Will be tagged and stored until afternoon for luggage check.
      • Can be brought in throughout the day as needed.
    • 3 PM President’s Cup Rehearsal
    • 4:30 PM Pack Gear/Luggage
    • 5:00 PM Eat Dinner
    • 6 PM Depart for DC!!!!!
  • Wednesday
    • President’s Cup Trip
  • Thursday
    • President’s Cup Trip
  • Friday
    • President’s Cup Performance
  • Saturday
    • Apopka Arts & Jazz Festival!
    • DC Trip Group Returns Home (Late)

DC Trip Details

    • Prescription meds MUST be signed by a Doctor. 
    • NON-PRESCRIPTION MEDICATIONS must be brand new and in unopened box.
  • TUESDAY IS THE DAY! Be prepared for the above itinerary so that we can have one final rehearsal, eat, load, and depart from this incredible experience!
  • Parking: Students that are driving to school and leaving a car should keep their car in the student parking area for the duration of our trip.
  • Luggage: We all can bring one piece of luggage to pack beneath bus for our clothing, etc; plus you are allowed one personal item for the bus. Please be prepared for all luggage and bags to be inspected before departure.
    • Packing considerations as follows:
    • Tuesday evening:
      • Overnight travel attire, must be school appropriate
    • Wednesday Weather: High 68/Low 41
      • Comfortable walking attire – No specific clothing requested. APK Gear Encouraged.
    • Thursday Weather: High 60/Low 44
      • WE WILL WEAR OUR TRIP LONG-SLEEVED SHIRT ON THIS DAY. You can wear jeans or khakis with this shirt. This will also be a walking day. (Afternoon & Evening) Shorts are ok if you choose to wear them in weather with a high of 60.
    • Friday Weather: High 54/Low 45 (60% Chance of Rain) 
      • Morning Attire: CONCERT BLACK TUX & MARCHING SHOES w/ Long Black Socks.
      • Afternoon Attire: NICE CASUAL DRESS CLOTHING.
        • Church-Like Dress
          • Khaki pants/polo, long-sleeves for men
          • Pants/dress skirt, blouse, etc. for women
        • This is for the Pershing’s Concert that evening.
        • We will CHANGE during/after lunch on Friday.
    • Saturday Weather: High 60/Low 40 (60 % Chance of Rain) 
      • School appropriate travel attire.


I cannot thank our parents and members enough that came together to support this event. Those who made the sacrifice and provided a venue worthy of this level of performance were incredible hosts to our visitors from across the state. “This was the best experience we have ever had at this event” was the comment that came from the Florida Bandmasters Association’s Executive Director at the conclusion of Saturday’s festivities. That folks, is what it is all about. Providing a venue that is well set up, well staffed, and sets the tone for performers to come in and give their best. I am so grateful to all who made this sacrifice. The manpower hours given were astounding.

There will be more information shared about the volume of students that we served, and the details that transpired, but, needless to say, our membership of students and parents made a TREMENDOUS difference in the lives of those who traveled to Apopka this weekend!

Lastly, HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to our State Level performers this weekend! We had 9 Superior & 1 Excellent S&E Events! THIS IS HUGE! And, for the first time ever, AHS took TWO Jazz Ensembles to State Jazz MPA! Jazz Ensemble II earned an Excellent Rating (With A’s on the Page!!!) and Jazz Ensemble I earned a Superior rating! We are so proud of each of our performers and their efforts this weekend! IEGYB!

Winterguard WGI Regional! 

Congrats to our Varsity Winterguard for their 1st Place finish in their “Pre-Lims” round at the Saturday event held at UCF! Sunday “Finals” results will be posted soon! IEGYB!

Apopka Arts & Jazz Festival Assistance! 

Please look for communications this week for help with our Apopka Arts & Jazz festival concessions operation this weekend. IEGYB!

Leaving a reply will not guarantee a reply from the webmaster. Please e-mail apopkabands@gmail.com for more information.

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