Weekly Update: September 5th – September 9th ~ UF/FSU Band Day Week!

SPECIAL NOTE: Please be on alert for planning for the impending weather that may come through Florida in the coming days. Visit local news station websites for plans and checklists on how to prepare.

Please know that the BDMB schedule will updated AS SOON AS POSSIBLE when weather updates become available. At this point, all plans are a “go”. We will send Email and Remind texts as needed to update the membership. 

This Week

  • Monday
    • Labor Day/Student Holiday
  • Tuesday
    • BDMB 6 PM – 8:30 PM
  • Wednesday
    • AHS Open House 6 PM – 8 PM
  • Thursday
    • BDMB 2:30 PM – 5 PM
    • Concessions Volunteering Opportunity for Students 5:30 PM – 9 PM
  • Friday
  • Saturday
    • Trip to UF/FSU Band Day
      • 6 AM Call Time/6:15 AM Departure
      • Anticipated Return Time: 12:30 AM – 1 AM
      • Official Trip Itinerary Coming This Week!

Looking Ahead 

  • 9.15 FB @ Dr. Phillips (w/ University of Miami)
  • 9.16 All State Auditions @ Ocoee HS
  • 9.22 Homecoming (Parade, Pep Rally, Alumni Band & Game)
  • 9.29 FB @ Evans

Football Recap

THANK YOU to everyone for making our Friday event a smooth process despite Mother Nature’s interference! And, THANK YOU to those who hung out late just to get into the stands at 10:30 PM and find out the game is postponed! We had a great warm up at the half! I know the performance would have been great! 🙂 THANK YOU to all of the Boosters for your tireless support of our students on this most wet evening!

Football @ Lakeland High

Friday is our first night to debut the Full BDMB Uniform for the season! That said, please note that the complete Under Uniform is part of the Full Uniform. All elements should be present to include:

  • BDMB T-Shirt
  • BDMB Shorts
  • BDMB Back Pack
  • Long Black Socks
  • Dinkles Marching Shoes
  • (If Ready) BDMB Ball Cap

We will go over specific protocols in class this week to teach and remind our membership on the expectations of the Full Uniform.

UF/FSU Band Day

Details will emerge this week regarding our specific itinerary. Please visit the Google Calendar Entry for Saturday’s trip to see more on our trip schedule. Members must wear their United We Stand T-Shirt on Saturday with jeans or shorts, and, if possible, should wear an older BDMB T-Shirt for Friday’s trip to Lakeland High.

Podcast Update 

Thank you for the positive feedback about the new Podcast format! We will continue to utilize this feature and find unique ways to showcase our members and staff as well as reach out into our community through this unique setting.

Alumni Band

Visit our Alumni Band page to read more about the details for our upcoming event! Be sure to sign up for this great opportunity to reconnect with the Blue Darter Marching Band!

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