Weekly Update: September 10th through September 15th ~ FB vs. DP! All State Auditions!

This Week

  • Trumpets Clean Up Week!
  • Blue Darter Bands Weekly Class Layout (Lesson Plans)
  • Monday
    • 2:40 PM – 3:15 PM Leadership Meeting
  • Tuesday
    • 6 PM – 8:30 PM BDMB Evening Rehearsal
  • Wednesday
    • 1:20 PM – 2 PM Brass Sectional
    • Percussion Sectional Times
      • 1:30 PM – 3 PM Front Ensemble/Basses
      • 6 PM – 8 PM Snares/Tenors
    • 6 PM – 8 PM Color Guard
  • Thursday
    • 3 PM – 5:30 PM BDMB Afternoon Rehearsal
      • 3rd Quarter Pep Band Performance in Courtyard throughout!
  • Friday
    • FB vs. Dr. Phillips HS (Home)
      • Pep Rally
        • 6:30 AM Doors Open
        • 6:50 AM Warm Up
        • 7 AM Pep Rally
      • Game
        • Uniform: Full Uniform + Shako
        • 5:15 PM Doors Open
        • 5:30 PM Stadium Set Up (Shakos & Cases To Stadium – NEW this week!)
          • Each member presets these items to ensure they are ready for game time. Cases will be set in normal place. Shakos will be set in stands, on your dot.
        • 6:10 PM Courtyard Call Time
        • 6:20 PM Arcs
        • 6:30 PM March to Stadium
        • 6:50 PM PreGame
        • 7 PM Kick Off
  • Saturday
    • All State Auditions (@ Ocoee HS)
      • See below for audition times.

Looking Ahead 

  • 9.21.18 FB @ Boone (Away)
  • 9.28.18 FB vs. Evans – Middle School Night!
  • 10.5.18 FB vs. Jacksonville Mandarin – Homecoming! Alumni Band Night!

FSU Band Day Wrap Up! 

WHAT! A! DAY! WOW! Loooooooooong but incredible day! THANK YOU to all who came and made this an incredible day of fun and excitement!

Click HERE to visit the Facebook Page and see photos and video!

Go Band!

Upcoming Honor Band Experience Opportunities 

Are you a junior or senior and interested in a a tradition-rich, incredible “Honor Band”  experience? Look no further than the long-running Tri-State Band Festival at Florida State University or the Festival of Winds at the University of South Florida held November 29th – December 2nd. Both of these festivals have unbelievable track records for providing unique opportunities to interact within the campus environment as well as make music with students and conductors from throughout the Country. Visit their respective websites to learn more about this awesome experience and what you need to do to sign up!

If either of these schools are a possibility for your next level of studies, these are wonderful opportunities to get on campus and learn more about the respective Universities!

Click HERE to visit the Tri-State Band Festival website! (Current info for 2018!)

Click HERE to visit the Festival of Winds website! (Material is from 2017 but is reflective of the expected experience – should be updated soon!)

See Mr. Langford ASAP if you are interested! October 1 is the deadline for nominations for Tri-State!

All State Auditions 

The All State audition schedule has now been posted. Please review below to ensure you are prepared for the event. It is suggested that you arrive at Ocoee High least one hour prior to your scheduled time(s) to warm up, find your locations, and prepare for the experience.

In Everything, Give Your Best! We are proud of each of you!

The schedule for this week’s All State audition are as follows:

Gabriel Acker Double Bass 4:10 PM Room 13
Kelsey Castillo Flute 1:10 PM Room 1
Daniel Harshman Tenor Saxophone 3:40 PM Room 6
Daniel Harshman Tenor Saxophone 1:20 PM Room 11
Matthew Murphy Bari Saxophone 11:20 AM Room 7
Matthew Murphy Bari Saxophone 3:40 PM Room 11
Matthew Murphy Alto Saxophone 2:40 PM Room 5
Matthew Murphy Alto Saxophone 11:40 AM Room 11
Matthew Murphy Tenor Saxophone 3:30 PM Room 6
Matthew Murphy Tenor Saxophone 1:00 PM Room 11
Victoria Vanness Flute 1:20 PM Room 1
Victoria Vanness Piccolo 12:30 PM Room 1


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