Weekly Update: August 19th through August 23rd ~ Great Opening Game Blue Darters!

  • August 30th FB vs. Coral Gables (Home) Times TBA
  • September 6th: FB @ Port St. Lucie (Pep Band Only)
  • September 7th: FSU Band Day Trip
    • SIGN UP NOW! Students & Parents! $15.00 per person!
    • List is on the white board!
  • September 13th: FB @ Ocoee (Full Band)
  • September 14th: All State Auditions @ Ocoee HS (See Below)
  • September 20th: FB @ Dr. Phillips
  • September 27th: FB vs. Lake Brantley (Homecoming/Alumni Band)
    • Visit soon for Alumni Band Info!

The start to the year has been incredible! While the dust is finally settling, our ensemble classes are taking shape and our members have already had their first performance test! We could not be more proud of the start of our year. Our first week has given us an opportunity to get further along with our BDMB than ever before. Our first movement was “dusted off” this week and was brought back to life through our three rehearsal sessions. Our first-ever Friday Camp was a tremendous success and allowed us to gel as a family and set the tone for many wonderful performances! The excitement that has come with our collective successes is palpable throughout our organization!

Our Jazz Ensemble classes are starting off with an exciting bang! There has been much improv, “jamming”, and reading going on allowing us to see what the year ahead will hold for our program. Many exciting things to come!

And lastly, we could not be more proud of our BDMB Pep Band’s first morning Pep Rally and our Miami trip to show RELENTLESS SUPPORT of the Blue Darters on Saturday! The energy from the ensemble, the cheer team, the student body, the crowd, the players, and the entire Blue Darter Nation was awesome! While the scoreboard came up just short, we pushed and pushed to ensure our Blue and White could feel the support and energy from the crowd. This was an unbelievable display of community from all facets of our crowd in establishing an awesome precedent for the 2019 season! #iegyb

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The week ahead is one of GROWTH! We commence our annual 168 assignment! For those that are new, this is our “mapping” of our week and how we are spending EACH of our 168 hours during the week. This assignment will commence on Tuesday and will conclude the following Tuesday. For our students, this assignment will open up your eyes and help to clarify the things that are part of your normal routine thus allowing for change if deemed necessary. For our parents, this is a fantastic opportunity to to collaborate with your children and talk about the importance of time management and learning how to “budget” your time each week. High School represents such a critical time in the learning process towards maturation and learning time management is an incredible critical component of this process. Take the time to sit together and learn about our day-to-day lives and how we can always work to enhance how our time is spent.

Our ensembles will kick into high gear this week as we begin laying the groundwork for our performance goals and the fundamentals and techniques necessary to achieve the goals. In addition, we will finish up our chats on our Plan For Success, which is the name for our program handbook. The syllabus will come home this week and should be turned in by Friday. This will include a signature from both the member and parents.

Our BDMB is gearing up for another exciting week of preparation as we hold our normal Tuesday and Thursday rehearsals as well as one more Friday Camp to get ready for our home opener on Friday, August 30th. Much to prepare for this week as we get ready for an awesome home opener experience! #iegyb

We kick off our first fundraiser of 2019 with a donation campaign through Snap Raise. Members will begin the set up process this Friday as we start our Friday Camp for BDMB. This fundraiser is open to any member of the program, not just our BDMB members. This fundraiser is designed to offer an opportunity to reach out to your circle of friends, family, and abroad to help each of our members achieve their financial goals within the program. Members will need twenty working email addresses to get started as this will enable to Snap Raise organization the opportunity to reach out on our behalf to help us meet our goals! #iegyb

FSU Band Day Sign Ups will continue this week! The sheets will be on the front board in the band room. There is now a link on the SchoolPay page for both members and parents to log in and pay the $15 per person transportation cost. The game ticket is free. All travelers are responsible for the $15 bus fee. Payments need to be made by Friday, August 30th so we can ensure we have correct numbers for the bus company. Can’t wait to experience this awesome day of music and football! #iegyb

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