Weekly Update: September 16th through September 20th ~ FB @ DP!


  • September 24th: BDMB Tuesday EVENING is now AFTERNOON due to Powder Puff Football Game 3 PM – 5:30 PM PLAN AHEAD NOW
  • September 24th: Powder Puff Football Pep Band Opportunity
  • September 27th: FB vs. Lake Brantley (Homecoming/Alumni Band)
    • Visit soon for Alumni Band Info!
  • October 4th: FB @ Jones (@ Citrus Bowl)
  • October 11th: FB vs. West Orange

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Been a great week of growing and supporting the Blue Darters! We had an awesome time at our game against Ocoee as we provided a great Home Field “feel” for our boys in Blue and White! Thrilled to see them win 41-12 and continue their success under first year coach, Jeff Rolson.

CONGRATULATIONS to each of our members that auditioned for All State this weekend! We are proud of you and your commitment to excellence as a performer! Daniel Harshman, Matt Murphy, Kelsey Castillo, Joseph Wright, Ben Green, and Sylvester Johnson…. We are PROUD OF YOU!

Each of our classes continued to roll up the sleeves and get to work, focusing their efforts on the tedious side of technique and developing the “raw talent” that sits in our rehearsal environment! Great week for the Blue Darter Bands! #iegyb

Exciting week as the BDMB finishes up Mvt. 2 as well as performs at Dr. Phillips with the FULL UNIFORM ON for the first time this season! We look forward to our debut night in the uni’s!

We have our annual band pictures to kick off the week! Previews will take place on Thursday, December 5th, prior to our opening night of our Winter Prism concert. #iegyb


We kicked off on Friday, August 23rd and have already raised over $6000! Please check with your member to ensure they have uploaded their TWENTY (20) quality emails to spread the word! This is a fantastic fundraiser for our program that will bring us tremendous financial support to continue our mission of providing a top-quality music education experience! Money brought in on behalf of each student will be credited to their accounts. SPREAD THE WORD AND EARN SOME DOUGH$$$$$$!!!!! #iegyb

Things We Need Help With In The Blue Darter Bands!!! 

  • Photographer! Games, concerts, etc…. Help us spread the visual message each week of the incredible things going on in our family!
    • Let Mr. L know if you can help in this capacity!
  • Concessions helpers! This is a MAJOR fundraiser for our program! MAJOR!
  • Additions Volunteers! Please visit https://ocps.samaritan.com to SIGN UP for our Volunteer group! Contact Mrs. Baron to let her know how/when you can help!

Leaving a reply will not guarantee a reply from the webmaster. Please e-mail apopkabands@gmail.com for more information.

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