Weekly Update: April 13th through April 17th ~ Digital Learning Week 3! Progress Reports will post soon!

Happy Easter! 


Click above for the plan for the week! 

This Week

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
    • 1 PM Chat Session (Check Canvas)
  • Wednesday
    • 10 AM Chat Session (Check Canvas)
    • 1 PM Chat Session (Check Canvas)
  • Thursday
    • 1 PM Chat Session (Check Canvas)
  • Friday

Looking Ahead 

  • Fall 2020 Blue Darter Marching Band Leadership Chat Sessions open up NEXT WEEK! Look for the schedule of chats that will begin during Digital Week 4 and will culminate with a “virtual” Application, Interview, and Audition process in the coming weeks! The early chat sessions (required for those who are interested in being part of our leadership team) will focus on how 2020 will look different, yet yield the same results of supporting our campus, community, and band family through music. Our goals and aim for 2020-2021 will be discussed! Look for a Leadership Module in Canvas later this week to begin laying out the process. #iegyb

AP Testing Update

Click HERE to learn  more about the AP testing schedule and how it will impact you. (For those students taking any AP courses.)

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