Hey Blue Darter Marching Band! Here Are Our Summer & Fall 2021 Updates! #iegyb


It is finally here! Our Summer and Fall 2021 Calendar! And we cannot wait to get started on “BRINGING THE BAND BACK TOGETHER” in Fall 2021! It is time to dust off the marching uniforms, shoes, and shakos and get back on the dance floor known as Roger Williams Stadium as we LIGHT UP the field with MUSIC AND EXCITEMENT! ALL NIGHT LONG! IT CANNOT GET HERE SOON ENOUGH! #iegyb

Click HERE for our Summer/Fall 2021 Calendar! We have an unbelievable Fall Season ahead!

Here are some basics to get you started on our Fall 2021 Journey…. whether you are old, new, or somewhere in between…. just read on and get ready for an incredible experience ahead! #iegyb

How to stay in touch over the summer?… Check back on our website each week to get updates and little snippets of what is to come. Old folks are used to “Weekly Updates” via the website…. now they are back! Also, we will be using Teams for our upcoming “chat” needs – so – you will be added to our BDMB Team and sub-channels for sections, etc. via Microsoft Teams. You can login to Launch AND/OR download the Teams app to stay up to date. #iegyb

What should I do to prepare for the upcoming band camp? REST! Take a break! You need a breather! We are not doing anything as a full group until July 8th! And that is going to be a GIANT FAMILY REUNION! A TIME TO GET TOGETHER AND HAVE FUN! In the meantime… RELAX AND UNWIND from this crazy year! We will get back together refreshed and stronger than ever, for an incredible time in the year ahead. #iegyb

Ok, I can do that, but what should I really do to prepare? Well, since you asked, keep checking the Apopka Bands Website and Teams. If for some reason you are not added via Teams, email Mr. Langford (Jeremy.Langford@ocps.net) to get connected! Music will be updated to check out, schedules will be updated, maybe play a scale or two along the way, and just stay connected with us! We are easing back into the Marching Band experience in July. We are going to have some F-U-N as a F-A-M-I-L-Y and you will be A-O-K! #iegyb

So… what will be different this year? GREAT QUESTION! If you are as returning veteran, you will see a few shifts in our weekly approach to the BDMB starting with Band Camp! Camp will occur July 26th – August 6th which is two weeks prior to school – not three weeks. In addition, camp will run from 3:30 PM – 8:30 PM each day! Afternoon/Evening camp! In addition, each week we will hold one BDMB rehearsal on Tuesday afternoons rehearsal from 3 PM – 5:30 PM. Friday’s will have a “Game Day Run Through” as well. There will be no Thursday rehearsals this year. Our show will focus on music that our crowds will enjoy singing along to and will give us a tremendous feeling of excitement each and every week that we get to perform. Also, when looking at our calendar, you can plan now for weeks that do not have a Full BDMB performance. You will have some holes in the Fall weekend schedule to unwind and recenter yourself that we have not normally had in previous schedules. Again, our goal this year is F-U-N…. through INCREDIBLE PERFORMANCE with our BDMB F-A-M-I-L-Y! These are just a few of the changes for Fall ’21…. we have an exciting year planned and are ready to get going in July after we have some great R&R in June! #iegyb

There are more details to come, however, this is a start to allow you to begin planning now. We are super excited to have you as part of our family and looking forward to an incredible year ahead. YOU are what makes the difference. We look forward to YOU being here with us! Coming soon….. the FALL 2021 BDMB!!!! It’s going to be a ROCKING EXPERIENCE! Check back soon for our Fall ’21 Show Reveal Trailer! #iegyb

Got Questions? Email Mr. L! (Jeremy.Langford@ocps.net)

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