Weekly Update: September 20th through September 24th ~ It’s Middle School Night Week! #iegyb

Missed Our Game @ Ocoee! 

We hope our friends at Ocoee High are well and we look forward to rescheduling our annual contest with Knight Nation soon!

The BDMB continued to light up our campus with the best pep rally yet and we look forward to an incredibly restful weekend ahead! Can’t wait to get back next week for MIDDLE SCHOOL NIGHT! #iegyb

This Week

  • Monday
    • 2:30 PM – 3:15 PM Trumpet Sectional
  • Tuesday
    • 3 PM – 5:30 PM Full BDMB Rehearsal
      • March out at 2:50 PM
  • Wednesday
    • 1:30 PM – 2:15 PM BDMB Colonel & DM Meeting 
  • Thursday
    • 2:30 PM – 3:15 PM 3rd Quarter Pep Band Rehearsal
  • Friday
    • It’s A Great Day In APK! It’s Football Friday!Football vs. Edgewater (Home) FULL BDMB
      • MIDDLE SCHOOL NIGHT!7 AM Pep Rally
          • 6:30 AM Doors Open
        • 5 PM GameDay Run Through (In Under Uniform)
        • 5:30 PM Get Dressed
        • 6:15 PM Courtyard Warm Up
        • 6:40 PM March To Stadium
        • 6:50 PM PreGame
        • 7 PM Kick Off

Looking Ahead

  • September 28th Full BDMB Rehearsal/Pep Band Sign Up
  • September 28th Band Pictures (During School) 
  • September 29th Band Pictures (During School) 
  • October 1st Football @ Evans (Pep Band)
  • October 5th Full BDMB Rehearsal/Pep Band Sign Up
  • October 8th Student Holiday
  • October 8th Football @ Lakeland (Pep Band)
  • October 12th Full BDMB Rehearsal
  • October 15th Football vs. West Port (Full BDMB) HOMECOMING
  • October 16th Homecoming Dance @ Sea World


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