Weekly Update: February 20th through February 24th ~ Concert Pre-MPA Week!

Daytona 500 Gig Is Huge Success! 

So proud of our Blue Darter Band, Cheer, and Mascot crew! We had a blast on Saturday at Daytona Motor Speedway representing our community! The teaser video below and the pictures say it all! THANK YOU TO ALL THAT MADE THIS HAPPEN! #iegyb

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Concert PRE-MPA is This Week! 

Join us on Thursday, February 23rd for our Concert PRE-MPA Performance by our Symphonic Band and Wind Symphony! Performances begin at 2:30 PM and will end by 4 PM. There will be a brief commentary period after each performance by a guest clinician. Students are to be FULLY DRESSED in their tux for this performance experience – JUST LIKE IT WAS MPA DAY! Parents, friends and family are all welcomed to attend! We know this is a early time, however, this decision is not made lightly as we want our full ensembles in attendance. With so many students in competing in games on Thursday evening, this allows the facilitation of both events for our members. Thank you for your understanding! #iegyb



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