Weekly Update: September 24th through September 29th ~ Middle School Night! Rookie Marching Day!

This Week

  • 9.24.18 – 9.28.18 Weekly Course Layout
  • Trombone Clean Up Week! 
  • Monday
    • 2:40 PM – 3:15 PM Student Leadership Meeting
  • Tuesday
      • We need ALL School Owned Instruments to be brought in on MONDAY for a FULL PROGRAM INVENTORY ON TUESDAY. 
    • 6 PM – 8:30 PM BDMB Tuesday Evening
      • Mvt. 2 Focus
    • GET YOUR CLEAR STADIUM BAG! Open to all BDMB Families after rehearsal! SEE PURCHASE DETAILS BELOW! 
  • Wednesday
    • BDMB Pictures – EVERY CLASS
    • 1:20 PM – 2 PM Brass Sectionals
    • 1:30 PM – 3 PM Bass Line Sectional
    • 6 PM – 8 PM Percussion/Color Guard Sectional
  • Thursday
    • BDMB Pictures – EVERY CLASS
    • 3 PM – 5:30 PM BDMB Thursday Afternoon
  • Friday
    • Football vs. Evans (Home) MIDDLE SCHOOL NIGHT! 
      • Pep Rally
        • 6:30 AM Doors Open
        • 6:50 AM Warm Up
        • 7 AM Pep Rally!
      • Game
        • Halftime Performance: Mvt. 1 & 2 + Fight Song Off Field
        • Uniform: Full BDMB Uniform (Under Uni, Jacket, Bibbers, Shako, Plume)
        • 5:30 PM Gear To Field
        • 6 PM Courtyard Call Time/Sectionals (Welcome MS Members!)
        • 6:15 PM Arcs
        • 6:30 PM March To Stadium
        • 6:50 PM PreGame
        • 7 PM Kick Off

Looking Ahead 

  • October 5th – FB vs. Mandarin (Homecoming! Alumni Band!)
  • October 12th – FB @ West Orange (Away)
  • October 19th – Football BYE Week/No Game…. But…. (See next entry!)
  • October 20th – Competition at University High School (All Day) GO BAND! 
  • October 26th – BDMB MORNING REHEARSAL (No School) 9 AM – 12 PM
    • FB @ Wekiva 5 PM Call Time

NYC! Spring 2019!

It’s here! Commitment Week! Friday is the day to finalize your seat plans for our incredible SPRING 2019 TRIP TO NYC! Be sure to get your payment in via SchoolPay (Click LINK on right side of this page!) or Cash/Check!

Look for VERY IMPORTANT UPDATES this week regarding fundraising, sponsorships, and more to help you earn the money necessary to bring this trip to life!

Visit the Trip Page to see payment details!

Boone Follow Up! Middle School Night! 

Great night for the Blue Darter Band & Blue Darter Football! Go Big Blue! This will a fast-paced game! Enjoyed getting to hear Mvt. 2 in performance for the first time! MANY THANKS to all of our parents for taking care of us on this night! And a HUGE THANKS to the Boone Admin for feeding us pizza after halftime! That was a most generous gesture!

This Friday we host our rising 8th Grade Members from Wolf Lake Middle, Apopka Memorial Middle, and Trinity Christian Schools! We look forward to an incredible night of welcoming nearly 150 FUTURE DARTER MARCHERS into our band on the night! The Class of 2023! IEGYB!

Honor Bands 

See last week’s post for the Honor Band opportunities at both FSU and USF – See Mr. L if you are interested!

OCPS ALL COUNTY BAND INFORMATION will be posted this week. The live audition is Monday, November 12th. (7+ Weeks Away.) There is no cost associated with this audition, however, you MUST sign up with Mr. Langford no later than Wednesday, October 17th.

Program Inventory 

It is time for a full inventory of our program’s assets for OCPS. If you perform on a school-owned instrument, please drop it off on Monday so that it can be inventoried and returned to you by Wednesday. TUESDAY IS OUR INVENTORY DAY. 

Band Pictures 

On Wednesday and Thursday we will hold our annual Band Picture Days. Our photographer, CG Photo, will be in house to capture all of the photos during each of our classes. Please ensure your student is present during this time to be included in our yearly composite photo.

Picture previews and sales will occur on Thursday, December 6th prior to our opening night of Winter Prism 2018. There will be no online previews this year. Pictures that are purchased should be returned prior to the Holiday Break.

CLEAR APK Stadium Bags! 

$10 while supplies last! BDMB Families can purchase their APK Stadium Bag AFTER REHEARSAL on Tuesday! General sales will begin Friday! Get them soon! They will sell out fast!

These bags meet all general stadium guidelines for new security measures in most stadiums, regardless of sport and/or level of the sport.

Weekly Update: September 10th through September 15th ~ FB vs. DP! All State Auditions!

This Week

  • Trumpets Clean Up Week!
  • Blue Darter Bands Weekly Class Layout (Lesson Plans)
  • Monday
    • 2:40 PM – 3:15 PM Leadership Meeting
  • Tuesday
    • 6 PM – 8:30 PM BDMB Evening Rehearsal
  • Wednesday
    • 1:20 PM – 2 PM Brass Sectional
    • Percussion Sectional Times
      • 1:30 PM – 3 PM Front Ensemble/Basses
      • 6 PM – 8 PM Snares/Tenors
    • 6 PM – 8 PM Color Guard
  • Thursday
    • 3 PM – 5:30 PM BDMB Afternoon Rehearsal
      • 3rd Quarter Pep Band Performance in Courtyard throughout!
  • Friday
    • FB vs. Dr. Phillips HS (Home)
      • Pep Rally
        • 6:30 AM Doors Open
        • 6:50 AM Warm Up
        • 7 AM Pep Rally
      • Game
        • Uniform: Full Uniform + Shako
        • 5:15 PM Doors Open
        • 5:30 PM Stadium Set Up (Shakos & Cases To Stadium – NEW this week!)
          • Each member presets these items to ensure they are ready for game time. Cases will be set in normal place. Shakos will be set in stands, on your dot.
        • 6:10 PM Courtyard Call Time
        • 6:20 PM Arcs
        • 6:30 PM March to Stadium
        • 6:50 PM PreGame
        • 7 PM Kick Off
  • Saturday
    • All State Auditions (@ Ocoee HS)
      • See below for audition times.

Looking Ahead 

  • 9.21.18 FB @ Boone (Away)
  • 9.28.18 FB vs. Evans – Middle School Night!
  • 10.5.18 FB vs. Jacksonville Mandarin – Homecoming! Alumni Band Night!

FSU Band Day Wrap Up! 

WHAT! A! DAY! WOW! Loooooooooong but incredible day! THANK YOU to all who came and made this an incredible day of fun and excitement!

Click HERE to visit the Facebook Page and see photos and video!

Go Band!

Upcoming Honor Band Experience Opportunities 

Are you a junior or senior and interested in a a tradition-rich, incredible “Honor Band”  experience? Look no further than the long-running Tri-State Band Festival at Florida State University or the Festival of Winds at the University of South Florida held November 29th – December 2nd. Both of these festivals have unbelievable track records for providing unique opportunities to interact within the campus environment as well as make music with students and conductors from throughout the Country. Visit their respective websites to learn more about this awesome experience and what you need to do to sign up!

If either of these schools are a possibility for your next level of studies, these are wonderful opportunities to get on campus and learn more about the respective Universities!

Click HERE to visit the Tri-State Band Festival website! (Current info for 2018!)

Click HERE to visit the Festival of Winds website! (Material is from 2017 but is reflective of the expected experience – should be updated soon!)

See Mr. Langford ASAP if you are interested! October 1 is the deadline for nominations for Tri-State!

All State Auditions 

The All State audition schedule has now been posted. Please review below to ensure you are prepared for the event. It is suggested that you arrive at Ocoee High least one hour prior to your scheduled time(s) to warm up, find your locations, and prepare for the experience.

In Everything, Give Your Best! We are proud of each of you!

The schedule for this week’s All State audition are as follows:

Gabriel Acker Double Bass 4:10 PM Room 13
Kelsey Castillo Flute 1:10 PM Room 1
Daniel Harshman Tenor Saxophone 3:40 PM Room 6
Daniel Harshman Tenor Saxophone 1:20 PM Room 11
Matthew Murphy Bari Saxophone 11:20 AM Room 7
Matthew Murphy Bari Saxophone 3:40 PM Room 11
Matthew Murphy Alto Saxophone 2:40 PM Room 5
Matthew Murphy Alto Saxophone 11:40 AM Room 11
Matthew Murphy Tenor Saxophone 3:30 PM Room 6
Matthew Murphy Tenor Saxophone 1:00 PM Room 11
Victoria Vanness Flute 1:20 PM Room 1
Victoria Vanness Piccolo 12:30 PM Room 1


Weekly Update: September 4th – 8th ~ FB vs. Lakeland & FSU Band Day!

This Week

  • Saxophone Clean Up Week! 
  •  Monday
    • NO SCHOOL! Labor Day!
  • Tuesday
    • 6 PM – 8:30 PM BDMB Evening Rehearsal
  • Wednesday
    • 1:20 PM – 2 PM Woodwind Sectional
    • Percussion Sectionals
  • Thursday
    • 3 PM – 5:30 PM BDMB Afternoon Rehearsal
  • Friday
    • Friday Pep Rally
      • 6:30 AM Doors Open
      • 6:50 AM Warm Up
      • 6:55 AM To Courtyard
    • Football vs. Lakeland HS (Home) (Game time move up to 7 PM)
      • 5:30 PM Doors Open/Get Dressed
      • 6:00 PM Courtyard Call Time (Warming Up)
      • 6:10 PM Arcs
      • 6:30 PM March Out
      • 7:00 PM Kick Off
  • Saturday
    • FSU Band Day!
      • 10:15 AM Doors Open
      • 10:45 AM Load Charter Busses
      • 11 AM Depart AHS
      • 3 PM Arrive Governors Square Mall/Eat
      • 3:45 PM Load/Depart for Tallahassee Civic Center
      • 4 PM Arrive Civic Center/Walk to Baseball Stadium
      • 5 PM Skull Session (FSU Marching Chiefs Warm Up)
      • 7:20 PM Kick Off
      • After Halftime – Departure for Apopka (Trip is approximately 3.5.hours home)

Looking Ahead 

  • September 14th: Football vs. Dr. Phillips (Home)
  • September 15th: All State Auditions (Ocoee HS)
  • September 21st: Football @ Boone (Away)
  • September 28th: Football vs. Evans (Home)

Bartram Trip Wrap Up



Great Leaders Doing Great Things!

Great job to our BDMB Pep Band for keeping the excitement going in our 33-28 win over Bartram Trail! We had a great trip in support of our Darters! Many thanks to all of our parents that traveled with us to made this trip possible for us! Go Big Blue!

FSU Band Day 

Sign Ups for busses will occur on Thursday/Friday of this week to expedite the loading process on Saturday morning. If your parent(s) are going, please check with them and be prepared to sign them up as well. All seats are full at this time. Looking forward to an outstanding trip!


Weekly Update: August 27th through August 31st ~ Bartram Trail Pep Band Week!

This Week

  • CLARINETS Clean Up Week!
  • Weekly Class Layout To Plan For The Week Ahead! 
  •  Monday
    • No Scheduled Events
  • Tuesday
    • Rehearse A Thon Funds/Forms DUE! 
    • Full BDMB Rehearsal 6 PM – 8:30 PM
  • Wednesday
    • 1:20 PM – 2 PM Full BDMB BRASS Sectional
      • 1st, 2nd, and 5th Period Brass Players
    • 1:30 PM – 4 PM Percussion Sectional
  • Thursday
    • Full BDMB Rehearsal 3 PM – 5:30 PM
  • Friday
    • Friday Pep Rally
      • 6:30 AM Doors Open
      • 6:50 AM Warm Up
      • 6:55 AM To Courtyard
    • Football @ Bartram Trail (See Below For Pep Band SIgn Up Details)
      • 3 PM Departure
      • 5:30 PM Arrival BTHS
        • We will eat at their concessions area, then warm up
      • 7 PM Kick Off
      • 9:30 PM Departure
      • 12 AM Arrival AHS

Looking Ahead 

  • September 7th: Football vs. Lakeland (Home)
  • September 8th: FSU Band Day
  • September 14th: Football vs. Dr. Phillips (Home)
  • September 15th: All State Auditions (Ocoee HS)
  • September 21st: Football @ Boone (Away)

Home Opener Wrap Up! 

Friday Morning Pep Rally! Go Big Blue!

Been a great week for the BDMB! Home Opener! Got some rehearsal time without rain! Had a fantastic Rehearse-A-Thon and got further ahead than we have ever been within the BDMB at this point in the season! It has been a great week and we are grateful to all who made this success possible! Students, parents, staff, admin/faculty, etc…. There are MANY who made this week a truly exciting time!

Be sure to check out the FaceBook page on the right hand side for some great photos and videos from the week!

Students Of The Week!

Congratulations to our students of the week that have been recognized for excellence in their endeavors each week!

Week 1

Week 2

FSU Band Day

We have FIVE remaining seats for Band Day @ FSU. The first five who come with $25 for the bus seat will be signed up to fill our bus roster for this event. SchoolPay is no longer available. Cash or Check will be accepted.

We are departing at 11 AM on Saturday, September 8th and will return around 1 AM. Game tickets are free for this event.

Bartram Trail Pep Band Sign Up

Our trip to Jacksonville on Friday will be a “Pep Band” style trip in which we take 95 members of the BDMB to the game. A set instrumentation list will be posted on Monday morning and then we will allow students to sign up by seniority to attend this event. The following schedule will be used:

  • Seniors: Monday Morning
  • Juniors: Monday After School
  • Sophomores: Tuesday Morning
  • Freshmen: Tuesday After School

Please see Mr. Langford at the appropriate time if you would like to sign up.

Homework Updates 

  • Mvt. 2 Drill Charting: Should be turned in via Charms by Friday, August 31st.
  • 168: Should be turned in via Charms by Tuesday, August 28th.
  • Binder Check: Will be checked in classes on Monday. The follow items should be within the binder:
    • Fingering Chart, Hornline Warm Ups, The Standards, Orange Blossom Song, Can’t Stop The Feeling, Volume 6 Stadium Jams, Sail, America, The Beautiful, Hey Baby, The Machine Mvt. 1, Mvt. 2
    • You can find copies of all of this music on the table in the front of the room.
  • Syllabus/Handbook: Should have been turned in on Friday, August 17th.
  • Charms Update: Should have been turned in on Friday, August 17th.


Weekly Update: August 13th – August 17th ~ Welcome Back! FB @ Mainland!



This Week

  • Monday
    • First Day of School! IEGYB!
  • Tuesday
    • BDMB 6 PM – 8:30 PM
    • Concessions Team Meeting 6:30 PM (Band Room) 
  • Wednesday
    • Percussion Sectional 2:30 PM – 5 PM
  • Thursday
    • BDMB 3 PM – 5:30 PM
    • New York City Trip Interest Meeting! 6:00 PM (In Auditorium) 
  • Friday
    • FSU Band Day Sign Up/Payment DUE $25.00 (Students & Chaperones)
      • SchoolPay is an option.
      • Cash or Check is an option. (Turn in to safe.)
    • All State Contracts/Sign Up DUESee Mr. L for Contract
    • ALL STATE CONTRACTS CHANGED: Due Wednesday, August 22nd
    • Morning Pep Rally! 7 AMDoors Open @ 6:30 AM
    • Football @ Daytona Beach Mainland HSUniform: Under Uniform (Band T-Shirt, Band Shorts, Band Shoes, Back Pack, Hat)4:15 PM Call Time
      • 4:00 PM Doors Open
      • 4:20 PM Seated/Dressed.
      • 4:30 PM Depart
      • 5:15 PM Arrive Seminole Towne Center (Dinner Stop @ Food Court)
      • 6:00 PM Depart for Daytona Stadium
      • 6:30 PM Arrive Daytona Stadium
      • 7:00 PM Kick Off!
      • Return Info TBA
        • Return estimates/Info will come via Remind Text at conclusion of game. (Join by texting @apkbdmb to 81010!)

Looking Ahead 

  • Monday, August 20th – Student Leadership Meeting 2:40 PM – 3:15 PM
  • Week 2: Winds (Woodwinds/Brass) Full Group Sectionals will commence on Wednesday’s from 1:20 PM – 2 PM every other week and last through MPA week. A detailed schedule will come out later this week.
  • Saturday, August 25th – BDMB Rehearse-A-Thon 8 AM – 12 PM (Mandatory)
    • EARN FUNDS! Use this REHEARSE-A-THON FORM to solicit your donations today! SchoolPay can be used for those who wish to make a donation on your behalf!
  • Saturday, September 15th – FBA All State Auditions @ Ocoee HS
    • Student/Parent Contracts DUE Friday, August 17th!

***Medical Forms*** 

Visit our FORMS page to download, fill out, and turn in your Medical Form for the 2018-2019 season. You WILL NOT be allowed on the bus to travel with us to Daytona this Friday without this form. Paper copies are available in the band room.

Band Calendar

Please check the following locations for our Band Calendar and updates to our schedule:

Rehearsals and Performances begin this week and are considered mandatory for all performers. 

  • Google Calendar found at apopkabands.com/calendar
  • Printable Wall/Refrigerator Calendar found at apopkabands.com/calendar
  • Wall Calendars in Band Room
  • White Board Calendar in Band Room

New York City Trip INTEREST Meeting! 

Join us on Thursday evening for our initial NYC TRIP INTEREST meeting where we will lay out the Itinerary/dates, approximate costs, payment schedules, and possible fundraising initiatives. This meeting will occur in our Auditorium at 6 PM following BDMB Band Practice! Band members AND Parents should attend to learn more about this exciting opportunity!

All State  

Students auditioning for All State should turn in their contracts by Friday. If you are unaware of this process, please see Mr. L well in advance of Friday. If you have considered auditioning for All State but have not yet looked the music, please consider All County as it is too late to begin working on music for this audition. (All County prep is already underway! OCPS uses shortened versions of the All State excerpts!)

Volunteer Forms

Please visit the FORMS page to download, fill out, and turn in your Volunteer Form for 2018-2019! Our parents are the backbone of our success! Paper copies are available in the Band Room.

Band Uniforms 

Please see Ms. Janice ASAP if you have not yet ordered any necessary shoes, uniform items, etc. as related to the BDMB. Concert Uniforms will be ordered later in the Fall semester.

AHS Campus/First Day Updates 

  • Schedule Change requests will not be open until WEDNESDAY. A Google Form link will be offered via the apopkahs.ocps.net website for you to fill out. The window will close on Sunday at 11:59 PM.
  • Students in the 1600 will have a NEW pathway in 18-19. In an effort to maximize student safety, ALL STUDENTS will be directed into the courtyard nearest the football stadium and will have to enter the 800 building via the Student Services entrance. We will no longer use the EXTERIOR BAND ROOM DOORS during school. Only BEFORE and AFTER school.
  • Band Room will open at 7 AM each morning. Students should be departing at 7:10 AM for class. 1st Period Concert Band Members should begin preparing for the rehearsal by warming up/following daily plan that is posted.
  • ProgressBook is your location for your schedule. No more paper schedules. Follow most up-to-date version on Monday.
  • Tardies will be tracked starting on Wednesday. Teachers will lock doors and you will have to receive a Hero note to enter the door. This will also be in effect for those in North Campus and 1600 Building. Move with a purpose!
  • MASTERY LEARNING is the goal of our campus. For all students, in all facets. We, as a faculty, have been challenged to focus on students developing a mastery level of learning in all that we do. These are exciting times to be a Student and Teacher at AHS and we look forward to seeing each of our members become MASTER LEARNERS!
  • The Apopka Band will utilize Canvas for the coming year! Have your laptops charged and ready to roll in class on Day 1! INSTRUMENTS on Day 2!

From AHS:

One Mill Tax Vote

One Mill Header

Click HERE to read the full article at ocps.net.


The renewal of a one-mill property tax will be on the ballot to:

  • Retain highly qualified teachers

  • Protect arts and athletics programs in schools

  • Maintain academic programs and student activities

This renewal is of a tax in place since 2010. Without it, OCPS will lack funding to continue fully supporting teachers and students. On Aug. 28, Orange County voters will decide if the one-mill property tax should be renewed for an additional four years.

The Big Picture

Without an extension of the one mill, OCPS will have $1,437 less in per-student funding than what 2007 funding would provide today, adjusted for inflation.

Without an extension of the one mill, OCPS anticipates a 2019 budget reduction of $143 million which will impact many hundreds of teachers, academic programs, arts and athletics.