Weekly Update: August 26th through August 30th ~ It’s Game Week! Go Big Blue!


***Scroll below to review GAME WEEK attendance policies & updates.***

  • September 6th: FB @ Port St. Lucie (Pep Band Only)
  • September 7th: FSU Band Day Trip
    • SIGN UP NOW! Students & Parents! $15.00 per person!
    • List is on the white board!
  • September 13th: FB @ Ocoee (Full Band)
  • September 14th: All State Auditions @ Ocoee HS (See Below)
  • September 20th: FB @ Dr. Phillips
  • September 27th: FB vs. Lake Brantley (Homecoming/Alumni Band)
    • Visit soon for Alumni Band Info!

I am so proud of how this year has started off for the Blue Darter Band. There is much energy in each class and clear direction towards the growth that will take place throughout the year ahead. Each period took time to discuss the concept of EXPECTATIONS this week and holding ourselves as well as each other accountable to a new level of performance both in and outside the ensemble setting. We talked about GOALS and how our AIM (all of the work we put in!) must point towards our goals, otherwise, we will come up short every time. There is an immense amount of untapped potential in each of our members and we are working to push each of them to fulfill their goals through this new level of EXPECTATION. Take some time to chat with your children and discuss their goals to better understand how you can help them AIM! Check out their 168 to see how their week has mapped out!

Playing tests have been AWESOME! Our members are showing growth and pushing themselves! Can’t wait to hear them this week! #iegyb

It is GAME WEEK! Without a doubt, the BDMB is ready to light up Roger Williams Field for an incredible start to our 2019 Home slate of football! We are excited to debut one of our transitions, the football PreGame show which will begin at 6:50 PM prior to the 7 PM Kick Off! Be sure to tell you friends and family to get to the stadium early to experience the fun and excitement as we kick off Fall 2019! As we enter this game week, take time to review our attendance policies and “Home Game Procedures” below to ensure each of our members are meeting the expectations, while also understanding the consequence for falling short. Our success lies in the spirit of each member putting forth max effort to ensure their schedule is ready and that they have mapped out their time demands to enable a successful week ahead.

Can’t wait to experience the BDMB and Blue Darter Football this week! GO BIG BLUUUUUUUUUUEEEEEEE! #iegyb

BDMB Game Week Updates

Rehearsals (Tu/W/Th) will be graded for attendance (complete) as well as quality. Students should be engaged and giving max effort to achieve the goals set forth in each setting. Students that miss will be placed on our “benched” list and not allowed to perform at PreGame or Halftime. Missed rehearsals will result in missing the instruction given and any updates/changes/improvements that are installed. Missing the rehearsal, regardless of reason, excused or unexcused, will preclude said member from getting the changes within the ensemble setting. Students that are ill should communicate with Mr. Langford immediate to ensure they are accounted for regarding their status. This will still place them on the benched list, however, they will have the opportunity to make up the missed time via individual practice sessions set up with the Directors and student leadership. Attendance at the game is still mandatory as they will perform in the stands. Being at rehearsal (Aware, Prepared, On Time, & Involved) is part of the commitment to performance. Those students operating on 50/50 will need to meet with Mr. Langford to ensure they are in compliance with the agreement and meet the requirements for the week. Beyond this week those students utilizing the 50/50 option will be able to fulfill their duties on their own.

50/50 Students (Volleyball/Football) should set up a time to communicate with Mr. Langford THIS WEEK to cover their PRACTICE OVERLAPS as well as PERFORMANCE OVERLAPS and how we are going to plan ahead for them. It is the individual member’s responsibility to come to Mr. Langford to set up a time to chat. When you come, bring a copy of your athletic practice and game schedule in hand so we can map out a plan that will work for all.

Please review the below HOME GAME CHECKLIST to get a better understanding of the flow of our Home Game procedures. (From our PLAN FOR SUCCESS Handbook)

FSU Band Day Sign Ups will conclude this week! ALL PAYMENTS THAT ARE MADAE BY FRIDAY, AUGUST 30th WILL CONFIRM YOUR TRAVEL PLANS WITH US ON SEPTEMBER 7th. THOSE WHO DO NOT PAY BY FRIDAY WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ATTEND AS WE HAVE TO CONFIRM BUS NUMBERS NEXT WEEKEND. The sheets will be on the front board in the band room. There is now a link on the SchoolPay page for both members and parents to log in and pay the $15 per person transportation cost. The game ticket is free. All travelers are responsible for the $15 bus fee. Payments need to be made by Friday, August 30th so we can ensure we have correct numbers for the bus company. Can’t wait to experience this awesome day of music and football! #iegyb

We kicked off on Friday and have already raised $2135 towards our initial goal of $5000! Please check with your member to ensure they have uploaded their TWENTY (20) quality emails to spread the word! This is a fantastic fundraiser for our program that will bring us tremendous financial support to continue our mission of providing a top-quality music education experience! Money brought in on behalf of each student will be credited to their accounts. SPREAD THE WORK AND EARN SOME DOUGH$$$$$$!!!!! #iegyb

Things We Need Help With In The Blue Darter Bands!!! 

  • Photographer! Games, concerts, etc…. Help us spread the visual message each week of the incredible things going on in our family!
    • Let Mr. L know if you can help in this capacity!
  • Concessions helpers! This is a MAJOR fundraiser for our program! MAJOR!
  • Additions Volunteers! Please visit https://ocps.samaritan.com to SIGN UP for our Volunteer group! Contact Mrs. Baron to let her know how/when you can help!