Author Peter Boonshaft, a conductor and professor at Hofstra University, defines this term simply as: progress or growth through controlled training, then teaching/learning, to inspire students to be more motivated. 

In his book, Teaching Music With Purpose, Dr. Boonshaft offers us this concept as he delves into how students separate themselves in becoming “next-level” in their performance abilities. This concept is explained via music, however, it is applicable to any activity or discipline that is to be learned. As part of his six-component cycle, he offers that through Discipline and Inspiration, we can then empower them to become Motivated for greater achievement. (Boonshaft: Teaching Music With Purpose, Meredith Music Publications)

While a “recruit” at Parris Island, SC, I encountered many opportunities to “fear failure”. This feeling alone was a large part of my Motivation to excel and complete my training on time. However, over the course of my time in boot camp I became inspired through the training and discipline that were instilled within this controlled setting. This Motivation has continued and served as a catalyst to opportunities of life-long growth. While the impetus for my developing this Motivation was rooted in Recruit Training, my Motidispiration has spread to all areas of my life and truly enhanced my perception of personal growth, and the innate desire to push for more in all that I do.

My Senior Drill Instructor, Staff Sgt. George James, used what he called a “Mote Board”, short for Motivation Board, to pin up accomplishments from his past as inspiration for his recruits. This board was passed by often and the elements that were displayed were always burning into our memory as he continued to teach us indirectly about achieving more than we could imagine. I will never forget this experience and will forever work to instill this in my two sons as well as all of my students that I am blessed to teach. Use this “online board” for Inspiration and Motivation. In Everything, Give Your Best! 

3rd Batallion,, Lima Company, Platoon 3076 Parris Island, SC Summer 1997

Mr. Langford Parris Island, SC Summer 1997

The stories that follow display Motidispiration that is occurring within our own program academically, musically, through leadership, and athletically. These students have exemplified reaching performance levels that are above that of their peers and have used the concept of Motidispiration to help achieve their goals!

Read, enjoy, and share these stories to offer insight and encouragement to those who show desire and promise in raising their abilities!

  1. Jessica Spiegel – Lacrosse Scholarship Recipient
  2. Jaden Martin – Regional-Level Track Participant
  3. Matthew Murphy – All State/All County/All Saxophone
  4. Brittany & Bianca Beckwith – Cornell Bound! 
  5. Christian Lamphere – Eagle Scout! 
  6. Who will it be next?

In Everything, Give Your Best!