Jaden Martin – Regional-Level Track Participant

Jaden Martin 

Jaden Martin

Jaden is a Junior Member of the Apopka High School Band and recently ran as part of the 4×100 relay team, earning 1st place in the District Championship! As a result, their relay team will advance to the Regional Track Championship and contend for the opportunity to earn a berth in the State Championships. Here is a brief interview with Jaden about his experience and goal in tack:

  1. How long have you ran track?
    • I have been running track since 6th grade.
  1. What do you have to do too earn a scholarship in track?
    • To  be able to obtain a scholarship, you have to contact schools that your  interested  in and ask for requirement times. These are times that you have to run in  any event to get partial scholarship. If you are already running  those times, then the next step is to keep a close relationship with that coach/school.
  1. What has motivated you to pursue this goal?
    • Basically my dedication/passion and drive to run and be successful each and every day. I  have realized that running is my God given talent and it was my opportunity  to expound upon it. My parents have also motivated me to run because my parents were once track runners as well. My dad was a very talented track runner where he could’ve went far but baseball came into his life and he got sidetracked and started to play baseball. This really motivates me because it  is like a destiny that was never completed and i have the opportunity right in my hands.
  1. What advice would you share with others about reaching their goals?
    • First you have to love what you do. Be passionate and dedicated about whatever you do. 
    • Don’t fall off the right track and stay focused!  Being focused is such an important factor.
    • Lastly don’t be scared to ask for assistance and tips. Older peers can help and give you a better understanding because they are wiser. They  have been in the world  longer than you and they have been your age before and they’ve been through things that you have been through.

Continue to stay “on track” sir and follow your dreams! #iegyb!

In Everything, Give Your Best!