Matthew Murphy ~ All State/All County/All Saxophone!

Matt Murphy

The following is an interview conducted with Matt Murphy, sophomore Saxophonist within the Apopka Bands, and 17-18 Saxophone Section Leader.

  1. How long have you played the saxophone?
    • I have been playing since the 6th grade.
  1. What do you most enjoy about being a performer?
    • Being a performer lets you put whatever you have out for people to enjoy and take for their own. I’m doing something I really love and each time I perform it is another outlook showing what I can improve which in turn gives me more work on. Staying busy with something that you enjoy is also good due to the focus and determination it requires. Being a performer is fun and gives so many opportunities for growth and more.
  1. What type of “extra” musical experiences do you participate within outside of your regular band courses that continue to develop and refine your abilities?
    • Outside of school band I take lessons with really good musicians  (Scott & Ryan Devlin, Barbra Levy) who have helped me with almost everything I’ve gotten a chance to do along with my directors.
    • I also go to many saxophone camps such as the Stetson and UCF camps/workshops which ultimately help with meeting so many people and making connections with other players and many people in this profession.
    • Sax Colossus, run by one of my private instructors, which brings almost everyone from the studio to perform and work on sax playing in ensembles and groups. This is great for learning almost everything there is for your instrument, the history and inner workings, as well as  tips and tricks for performance.
    • Also I do many auditions for bands like All State and All County which are worked on in these camps. Going to those are such a great perspective into whats going on and you learn so much and meet so many people. I’ve met and have many friends within these things and keep in touch and are always in collaboration in playing and friendly competition pushing each other to improve which is great and adds to the fun.
  1. What are your goals as a musician for the next two years?
    • For the next two years I hope to advance on my instrument and in the whole music realm. I plan to keep trying to go to all the camps and band opportunities as I can because I find something new at each one. With the the next two years I will keep trying to progress in the knowledge and playing aspect, bettering the fundamentals due to the sheer amount there are and what they help. Doing these things will let me gain as much repertoire as I can and progress farther than I have in playing. These opportunities will help set up what lies after when my high school time is completed.
  1. What are your goals as a musician beyond high school?
    • Beyond high school is something I think about a lot but cannot come to a straight decision due to all the opportunities. My goals after all of this are to basically keep doing all the things that I work now, just at a higher level. I plan to go to college for music and keep going into this art and get everything it has to offer because it never stops giving which is what drives the passion to learn more.
  1. What other activities do you participate in on campus?
    • Other than band, I am on the swim team and played water polo.
  1. If you could offer any advice to those who are reading our interview, what would say?
    • Music is something that you can really get sucked into. If you have the drive to always improve but never quite “master” something, music is basically that. Mastery is a goal, but, there is always something that comes up and then there is more to work on.
    • Everything you hear about fundamentals and practicing on your own is just pushing your abilities. Spend as much time as you can on something, then go spend more time on it. There is never a time to not be working on something.
    • Pushing yourself is good for many reasons you find what you like and what you do not. It’s trial and error, and when that trial comes to an error you figure out why, work it out and keep going. That is what music is about.
    • Music is a big thing I would suggest putting effort into because the more you put in the more you get out of it and it never stops. Never stop pushing yourself no matter how hard you hit down or how high you feel in the art its going to happen and those things help put more into the drive. That is what makes band, band. Putting yourself out there and doing and experiencing as many things as possible which all leads back to learning, then pushing more. It is a really great and fun thing when you see it and live it.

Great job, Matt! Continue to show your Motidispiration in all you do! #iegyb!