ECG & Physical Information


Forms (Posted on this page three times… but… KEEP READING BELOW FOR THE PROCESS!)

Quick Overview:

  • Who: all students participating in Marching Band
  • What: must have a 1) Physical Exam and 2) ECG completed
  • Where: at any healthcare provider; forms must be submitted online
  • When: submitted and cleared BEFORE Band Camp begins in July

All students who want to participate in Marching Band must have a physical completed and an ECG completed. Physicals need to be completed every year, while ECGs only need to be done once throughout all of high school.

Physicals: must be completed by a physician, and they must fill out the EL2 form included in the physical packet linked on this page.
ECGs: must be completed by a physician, and they must fill out the OCPS Cardiology Report found in the physical packet linked on this page.

All students must be registered through (see below). Once an account is created an the student is registered, the forms are to be uploaded there.

Forms must be uploaded in time for students to be cleared to participate by the start of Band Camp on July 18th.

Forms (Same Forms!)

Getting The Physical and ECG

  • OPTION 1: Have your primary care physician or other qualified medical professional (Centracare, etc.) fill out the forms linked above.
  • OPTION 2: Register for a “Who We Play For” screening at an OCPS high school: Online Registration
    • If you choose this option, you will receive the results for your ECG by email.
    • If the ECG is flagged with a potential issue, you will be contacted with further instructions.
    • If the ECG results come back as “low risk,” you can continue to the next step.

Step One (After Choosing Option 1 or 2) 
Obtain or print a physical copy of the EL2 Physical Form and OCPS Cardiology Report form.

Step Two
Take the Physical Form and OCPS Cardiology Report form to your physical and ECG appointment. These forms must be completed by the physician. OCPS will not accept any other forms for this process.

Step Three
Create an account at

You can create a separate account for each student in your home, or parents can create ONE account to manage multiple students.

  1. Click the link above. Watch the video if you would like.
  2. Click “Create Account”
  3. Enter name of Parent OR Student (parent preferred) – whoever is going to complete this registration and upload process, and fill in the rest.
  4. Click “Start Clearance Here”
  5. Follow prompts:
    1. Select “2022-23” from drop menu
    2. West Orange (Winter Garden)
    3. Sport: Select “BAND” AND any sport you might try to participate in
    4. Click “Next”
    1. Ignore “Choose existing student” unless you’ve already created an account and added students
    2. Enter student information in the prompts
    1. Enter Informatoin
    1. Follow Prompts
    1. Student signatures
    2. Parent signatures
  10. FILES
    1. Upload EL2 Physical form (three pages in one file) in the first blank
    2. Upload OCPS Cardiology Report form (one page) several blanks down on the page
    3. Upload ONLY the EL2 and Cardiology Report, you can ignore the rest of the upload boxes.

Step Four
Wait for clearance!

Forms (Same Forms!)

Completing the Physical and ECG

You can go to any medical provider that offers these services to have these forms completed. Depending on your insurance, you may need to pay for all or a portion of these services. By using the “Who We Play For” events, you can get each completed for $20. See below for two free dates to have these forms completed.

For more on the Activity Clearance information, please visit our Blue Darter Athletics Activity Clearance webpage as they are our liaison for completing this process.

Free Physical and ECG Events 

There are two FREE Physical and ECG events coming up that you can attend to complete these portions of your membership forms. See the flyers below.

ECG Event Flyer Oak Ridge – June 11

ECG Event Flyer Jones – July 23rd