Weekly Update: February 11th through February 15th ~ Pre-MPA Week/Epcot Jazz! Need your instrument repaired? READ ON!

Congratulations to all of our Jazz/Solo & Ensemble/Auxiliary Performers this weekend! We are proud of each of you! Pictures coming soon!

  • Jazz MPA
    • Jazz Ensemble 1: Superior! *
    • Jazz Ensemble 2: Excellent!
    • Freshmen Jazz Ensemble: Excellent!
  • Solo & Ensemble MPA
    • McKenny Jeudi – Trombone Solo – Excellent!
    • Hannah Tobin – Horn Solo – Superior!
    • Katarina Blumenstein & Victoria Vanness – Flute Duet – Superior! *
    • Samantha Paylor – Trumpet Solo – Superior! *
    • Gabby DeJesus & Madeline Powell – Clarinet Duet – Superior! *
    • Gabby DeJesus & Daniel Harshman – Clarinet Duet – Superior! *
    • Daniel Harshman – Alto Saxophone Solo – Superior! *
    • Daniel Harshman – Soprano Saxophone Solo – Superior! *
    • Abby Lester – Marimba Solo – Superior!
    • Erynn Bean – Marimba Solo – Superior!
    • Owen Wilson – Timpani Solo – Superior! *
    • Jaden Martin – Snare Drum Solo – Superior! *
    • Sean Hirst – Timpani Solo – Excellent!
    • Jasmine LaFrance – Vibraphone Solo – Superior! *
    • Zachary Booher – Vibraphone Solo – Superior! *
    • Ben Green – Snare Drum Solo – Superior! *
    • Lauren Ormechea & Gabe Acker – Marimba/VIbraphone Duet – Superior! *
  • Auxiliary MPA
    • Kayla Balthazar – Superior! *
    • Eamillia Barrington – Excellent!
    • Jailynn Brown – Superior! *
    • Makayla Campbell – Excellent!
    • Keisha Cenatus – Excellent!
    • Jakyra Goodwin – Superior! *
    • Madison Grow – Excellent!
    • Ajanel Jones – Excellent!
    • Katie Malone – Superior! *
    • Bailey McMichael – Superior! *
    • Sandy Rivera – Excellent!
    • Rickael Rose – Superior! *
    • Adaisha Teague – Excellent!
    • Kayla Thompson-Oliver – Superior! *
    • Breanna Winters – Superior! *
    • Lynae Young – Superior! *

Performers with an asterisk (*) next to their name are State S&E Qualifiers!

This Week

  • Monday
    • No scheduled events.
  • Tuesday
    • Freshmen Jazz Ensemble @ Epcot International Festival of the Arts
      • 8 AM Meet/Dressed
      • 9 AM Arrive/Unload
      • Performances: 9:50 AM Set 1/10:55 AM Set 2
      • 12:30 PM Return to AHS (Those wanting Pizza should bring $3)
    • 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM Wind Symphony Rehearsal
    • 4 PM WLMS S&E Help Sessions – FINAL DAY
    • 7 PM Concert Ensemble PRE-MPA Performance (Freshmen Band, Symphonic Band, Wind Symphony)
      • Call time: 6:30 PM
  • Wednesday
    • No scheduled events.
  • Thursday
    • No scheduled events.
  • Friday
    • No scheduled events.

Looking Ahead 

  • Wind Symphony After School Rehearsal Schedule
    • Tuesdays from 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM 
      • 2.19, 2.26 
        • 2.19 will now be a 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM Rehearsal (Not evening.)  
  • Epcot Performance Schedules!
    • Jazz Ensemble 2: February 20th (1 Date Remaining) 
    • Jazz Ensemble 1: February 25th (1 Date Remaining) 
    • All performances are at 9:50 AM and 10:55 AM (2-30 minute sets) 
  • FBA District Concert MPA @ Cypress Creek HS February 28th – March 2nd
    • All Concert Ensembles (Freshmen Band, Symphonic Band, Wind Symphony)
  • State S&E @ Seminole High School, Sanford, Florida
  • New York City Trip! March 25th – March 28th! 

Concert PRE-MPA Performance

Tuesday evening each of our Concert Bands (1st, 2nd, 5th periods will perform in an event to get feedback and take a musical “snapshot” of where they are in preparation for our annual Concert Music Performance Assessment. (MPA) We encourage everyone to come out and take part in this unique performance setting to listen to our current progress, then, in three weeks, join us at Cypress Creek High for our event on February 28th – March 2nd. You will be amazed at the improvements that will occur over the next three weeks!

Concert downbeat is at 7 PM with each of our ensembles performing. There will be a short switch in between sets and a brief warm up for each group prior to playing.

Come and enjoy the growth that is occurring in each of our groups!

Instrument Repair Information

For those members that are in need of repairs on their instruments, reach out to Red Barn Music in Sorrento for your repair needs! Many of our members have gone to Red Barn and received excellent service from Mr. McGlaughlin.

Phone: 352-257-6571 (Call Ahead!)

Address: 35038 CR 437, Eustis, FL 32736

For those whose instruments are still under a rental agreement, be sure to reach out directly to your company for repairs – they should be covered under your agreement! If you are using the “Band Room”, they come to AHS on Monday’s and can bring a loaner by to use while your instrument is being repaired. Call ahead and they will get you set up!

Spring 2019 Blue Darter Band Tour Updates! 

Our Spring 2019 calendar has been solidified and is now available for download! Visit our CALENDAR page to down the TOUR UPDATE TODAY! 

New York City Trip Updates! 

The trip participant INFORMATION FORM is still due from the following travelers:

Gabe Acker, Erynn Bean, CJ Daleiden, Ethan Jackson, Olivia Leveille, Dean Mirtyle, Sydney Murdock, Lauren Ormachea, Miranda Prieto, Owen Shephard, Alyssa Speck, Faith Taylor, Hannah Tobin, Luis Tomar, Alex Vega, Matthew Williams, James Wilson, Mr. Cody Smith, Mrs. Jennifer Taylor, Mrs. Andrea Tobin.

All monies are due on or before February 25th. We still have one more fundraiser for Chik Fil A that will go to the total pot. We should have a final price in the next two weeks for planning of the final payment. 

Download and print the New York City Trip Information Form to turn in on Monday!

It is also time to fill out the official ROOMING LIST for our upcoming. Begin forming your four-person rooms now and you can fill them in starting Monday in the band room. Mr. Langford and Mrs. Bercegeay will have the final say before room groups are made official.

Horn Clinic

Check out this great opportunity for our Horn Performers at Rollins College to learn from one of the best! Visit https://www.floridahornfest.com to learn more about this incredible opportunity! Registration deadline is February 27th!