Fall 2018 BDMB Kick Off Event!

Fall 2018 Kick Off Event! 

Monday, July 23rd, 2018 @ 6 PM!

This is event is our official Kick Off to the Fall 2018 BDMB! This event is for both parents and students! We will collect forms (below), fees, and have volunteer sign ups for our upcoming season! This event is a simple one-stop-shop to better help get the year off the ground and running!

We will begin with a brief general session to welcome everyone back and then proceed to stations to turn in the various forms and info as needed. Some forms are now via Google Forms and can be completed NOW! The Uniform-Financial form is a “Type & Print” for that you can complete at home, however, we will have paper copies available on Monday evening.

SCHOOLPAY is now ready for you to pay ahead! Visit the Blue Darter Band page via the SchoolPay website and you can pay now!


  • Medical Form (Copy of Insurance Card also needed)
  • Uniform-Financial Form – Type & Print!
    • SchoolPay: Blue Darter Band Page
    • To update the numbers, try scrolling to page two. Numbers should appear. 
    • You can print to “PDF” to save a copy for yourself. Print a copy to bring with you if you are filling it out before coming to the Kick Off Event. 
  • Charms Student Information Form (via Google Forms)
    • ALL MEMBERS need to fill this out so we can update our Charms Student/Parent information.
  • Committee Interest Questionnaire (For all Parents!)
  • Concessions/Chaperone Sign Up will be available at the meeting!

We look forward to an incredible camp and season ahead!

Seven Week Scale Challenge!

Check out our Seven Week Scale Challenge and join us on the journey! #iegyb!

Booster Committee Questionnaire

Click below to fill our our survey for parents to find the best fit for you as we populate our service committees for the 18-19 Blue Darter Band. Many hands make light work…. Fill out the form today so we can begin planning for the success of this year’s Program!

Please fill out by Friday, June 9th so we can begin to populate our various committees and set up connection to begin looking ahead towards our season’s goals!

Click HERE for the form!

2018-2019 Blue Darter Band Leadership

It is with great pride and excitement that we announce this year’s team  so we can get to work in preparing for the Fall 2018 Blue Darter Marching Band!

This process has unveiled some incredible traits within our members and shown us that there are Great People doing Great Things within our program. It has been an honor to go through this process and watch the growth and maturation of each candidate come to life as they submitted projects and interviewed in a professional setting for the opportunity to serve.

The following list represents the team that will continue to raise the bar through service to our program in the year ahead. We are proud of each candidate and your commitment to taking this program forward. Congratulations to each of you on a job well done.

Now, let’s get to work! IEGYB! 


18-19 Leadership Layout