SENDING communications to the Apopka Band Program:

  • Email Mr. Langford:
  • Email Mr. Ellis:
  • Call the Band Office: (407) 905-5509  
    • Voicemails are NOT regularly checked. Email is the most efficient method for communications.

RECEIVING communications from the Apopka Band Program:


  • Click HERE to be re-directed to the Charms page for student/parent log in.
    • Your account will be set up once we have your Student ID in place.
    • Please email the general band account if you do not have access. Provide your Student ID within the email so we can reference your account status. Thank you!
  • Charms Office is used for many facets of our program to include communication, finances, inventory, and more.

Social Media

  • Click HERE to visit the Apopka Bands FaceBook page.
  • Click HERE to visit the Apopka Bands Instagram page.

Remind Texts

We have multiple communications portals going on at current for the Blue Darter Band. This week we will ensure that everyone is connected and ready to receive all messages. If you have not yet connected with Remind Texts, please use the following codes to connect with your areas of performance (students) OR your student’s age group (parents) to ensure you do not miss out on what is happening in the Apopka Bands!

All Codes are texted to “81010” using the “@” followed by ensemble code format. You only need to sign up for the areas that involve you or your member. PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT AND SHARE THIS INFORMATION WITH ALL THAT YOU KNOW CAN BENEFIT FROM THIS CONNECTION! THANK YOU! #iegyb

  • Parents 
    • BDMB Parent 9th Grade Member: @bdparent9
    • BDMB Parent 10th Grade Member: @bdparent10
    • BDMB Parent 11th Grade Member: @bdparent11
    • BDMB Parent 12th Grade Member: @bdparent12
  • Members
    • BDMB Woodwinds: @bdmbww
    • BDMB Brass: @bdmbbrass
    • BDMB Percussion: @bddrumline
    • BDMB Visual (Guard & Majorettes): @bdmbvisual
    • Wind Symphony (1st): @apkwind
    • Symphonic Band (2nd): @apksym
    • Concert Brass (3rd): @apkbrass
    • Concert Woodwinds (4th): @apkwood

Leaving a reply will not guarantee a reply from the webmaster. Please e-mail for more information.

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