The Ultimate Drill Book (UDB) app is an incredible resource that puts the art of learning drill literally at your fingertips! Through having a detailed guide on your specific coordinates, coupled with the ability to see the forms around you AND your pathways throughout give you the information necessary to set drill more effectively and efficiently. The App is FREE and your SUBSCRIPTION is paid via your band fair share. All you have to do is download the free app, set up a student performer account and log in to begin learning!

Getting started with your UDBapp account
All users need to download the latest version of UDBapp Pro (Gold app icon). Users will also need to create a new account.

Creating a new UDBapp account
These instructions are for new users. 

Staff & Students

  1. Download UDBapp Pro from the app store.
  2. Click on “Don’t have an account? Sign-up”
  3. Enter Ensemble Code – (Check Band App For Code) 
  4. Enter Ensemble Password – (Check Band App For Password) 
  5. ​Create a new personal account to use with UDBapp (Use your PERSONAL email address – not your OCPS Student Address) 
  6. Create a new personal account to use with UDBapp (PLEASE USE YOUR LEGAL NAME)
  7. When asked you for a drill number, leave this blank until you receive it from us.
  8. I encourage you to upload a picture to your profile – so we can begin to put your names and faces together. (Not a cartoon or avatar!) 
  9. Once you have completed the above items, sign into the app.
  10. Download the available drill. 
  11. Click buttons and have fun learning about this app! 
  12. We will go over everything else from this point on Monday morning before setting drill!